Assistant Principal - Safety & Security

Melvin Hadamek
Assistant Principal, Safety & Security
Phone: (956) 427-3600
Fax: (956) 427-3792
Secretary: Corinna Cantu-Bravo
Areas of Supervision:
Campus Safety & Security
T-Tess Teachers Assigned (13)
Duty Before/After School & Lunch
Custodians (21)
Security Guards (5) OCS (1) SRO (1)
K9 Searches Assignments/Crime Stoppers
Maintenance/Work Orders/AC Orders
Emergency Procedures, Fire & Crisis Drills 
Campus Behavior Coordinator/Legal Matters
Safety Committee (Assign)
Construction & Maintenance of Bldgs
Band/Athletic Booster Meetings
Facility Requests/Assign Athletic Supervisors
Transportation-Drop Off/Pickup.                  Hall/Special Student Passes/Bus Passes