General Information

Inclusion Teacher
Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach
Room # 2-206
Conference time: 1:40pm-2:25pm Monday-Friday 
Tutorial Times:
Monday-Friday  7:45am-8:15am 
"Success is born out of faith, an undying passion, and relentless drive" --- Stephen Curry 
1st Pd A-Day  8:15am- 9:45am  PlC (Bio/Chem)   
2nd Pd A-Day  9:51am-11:21am  Basketball   
3rd Pd A-Day  11:27am- 12:17pm  IPC   
4th Pd A-Day 12:59pm- 2:29pm  IPC/English I   
5th Pd A-Day  2:35pm- 4:05 pm  Bio/IPC   
1st Pd B-Day  8:15am- 9:45am  Chem  
2nd Pd B-Day  9:51am -11:21am  Basketball   
3rd PD B-Day  11:27am-12:17pm  IPC  
4th Pd B-Day  12:59pm- 2:29pm  PlC/Conf   
5th Pd B-Day  2:35pm- 4:05pm  JV Basketball