Virginia Carmona

Contact Information:
Phone:  (956) 427-3600

1st period, 8:15-9:45 am HHS

2nd period, 9:51-11:21 am HHS

3rd period, 11:27-12:17 pm  HHS

7th period, 1:26-2:13 pm CANO

8th period, 2:18-3:05pm CANO

WOW period. 3:05-3:23 pm CANO

Teacher Conference 3:25-4:05 pm CANO


Harlingen High School ORCHESTRA  

Course Syllabus Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 



REHEARSALS:  Monday – Friday 

        1st period, 8:15-9:45 

2nd period, 9:51-11:21 am 

3rd period, 11:27-12:17 pm 

7th period, 1:26-2:13 pm  CANO

8th period, 2:18-3:05pm  CANO

WOW period. 3:05-3:23 pm  CANO

Teacher Conference 3:25-4:05 pm CANO


Location: Orchestra Room 

Instructor: Virginia Carmona-Reney 


Orlando Pedraza 



Students will develop and refine musical and technical skills in the following areas: 

Right hand (bowing) and Left hand (fingering) skills, Ear-training (aural) and Rhythmic skills, Sight reading and notation skills, Overall musicianship skills (greater understanding of dynamics, phrasing, expression, music theory, and musical periods/ styles). Further the responsibilities of being in a performance group/community arts applications and Knowledge of musical career/hobby participation/involvement- post high school. 

HHS Varsity and JV Orchestras. These classes are designed to develop intermediate to advance string players with proper performance etiquette and rehearsal techniques. Performance of string orchestra literature is appropriate to the level of their development. It is also designed to prepare the musician for performance at a more advanced level. These ensembles are required to participate at (UIL) University Interscholastic League’s Concert and Sight Reading EVALUATION, TMEA All Region and UIL Solo and Ensemble.  Individual practice at home is an important responsibility from each member of the orchestra. 


  1. Grading Scale 


80% Performance (concerts), Daily participation and Concert Attendance  

Missing Concert assignment (see attached form on last page) 


10% Tests. Written and playing test. Quizzes (Chair Tests) 

 10% Music Portfolio 


  1. Concert Master/Section Leader Selection 

The Section Leaders are expected to:  

  • Lead their sections in large group rehearsal. 
  • Have the ability to lead their section through sectionals throughout the year. 
  • Make any musical changes that the director calls for and instructs their section to do the same markings on their scores. 
  • Make sure that the section maintains orchestra binder in proper order. 


  1. Rehearsal Procedures 

Students are expected to be in the orchestra room 3 minutes before the tardy bell rings and be in their seats ready to work with instrument, music, and required materials ready to start on time when tardy bell rings. Please note that when the director steps on to the podium, all students should sit up on the front of the chair in rest position and wait for instruction to begin.  


  1. Orchestra Room & Lockers  


  • Students are to close and lock the door to the locker when the instrument is stored in the locker. 
  • Only assigned instruments and the music is to be stored in that locker.  
  • Instruments should be taken home every Friday as part of their daily GRADE!  
  1. Orchestra Policies, Rules & Expectations  


  • Respect the director, your fellow orchestra members, and all the musical equipment 
  • Use appropriate language and absolutely no profanity or disrespectful remarks at any time.  
  • Students are expected to bring the following materials EVERY DAY as part of their daily grade: Instrument, Rosin, Shoulder Rest (violins/violas), Rock Stop (cellos/basses), 1” Black binder, and Pencil.  
  • Leave backpacks and all homework outside of the rehearsal setup. Be careful, you are in a space with expensive equipment. No food, candy, gum, or beverages will be allowed in the classroom or in rehearsals.  
  • Students are not allowed to do their homework for other academic classes during orchestra instruction/rehearsal time. 
  • Cell phones are strictly prohibited during rehearsal /instruction.  Please no texting in class. Your phone will be confiscated and returned at the end of the class.  
  • Keep fingernails at a short length to promote quality performance technique. Any intentional or accidental damage that occurs to an HCISD instrument will be paid for by the assigned student responsible for the instrument. This includes any damage that occurs in or out of the classroom.  
  • The students must uphold the image of the orchestra when attending all activities. Any student receiving a referral or OCS during the school year will not be allowed to attend any field trip including and not limited to; out of school performances and end of the year trip.  
  • Failure to follow these rules and expectations could result in removal from the orchestra program.  


  1. Music Folder/Portfolio 

Students must purchase a 1” black color binder for music and handouts. The music issued to students should be kept in their orchestra binder and maintained in perfect condition for public performances. Music should not be loose and/or folded, or should never be marked on with pen except for the student’s name. Students will be issued ONE COPY of music, and should immediately put their name at the top. If you lose or destroy your music, you will need to submit a request for a replacement using the Copy Request Form. You are responsible to have your music at class and will lose a portion of your daily grade for the day you do not have your music during class. Binders can and will be checked at random.  



Concert dress is as follows for all orchestra members: 

  • Men:Long-sleeved white tuxedo dress shirt, black tuxedo jacket, black tuxedo dress pants,black dress socks, black dress shoes, black cummerbund, black bow tie. 
  • Ladies:Long formal black orchestra dress,, black closed-toe dress shoes (no high heels), modest jewelry (colors: silver, gold, pearl, or dark-coordinating), modest hair accessories (dark-coordinating). If you decide to wear nail-polish, it must be light in a muted, traditional color (no blue, bright red, purple, black, etc.). Ladies may wear a black tank or sport midriff under the top of the formal dress, if desired, to lessen the neckline dip. 
  • Flip-flops, tennis shoes, boots or other non-dress type shoes will not be permitted.
  • Students in uniform are expected to look neat and well-groomed.
  • Distracting hair styles/ colors that call undue attention to an individual are not permitted. Please refer to the School handbook Dress Code.
  • Students who do not fulfill the proper dress code requirements for concerts may not be allowed to perform resulting in no credit for that performance.



  1. Concert Attendance & Etiquette  

All students are REQUIRED to attend ALL performances. Concerts are extensions of the classroom and are the highlight of the learning process. An unexcused absence from a performance will result in a failing grade and possible dismissal from the program. Excusal from the concerts will only be granted in the event of extreme illness, major family emergency, recognized religious holidays, or other special circumstances with the director’s permission.  A note from the parent and/or physician is required to be given an excused absence and will be given an opportunity to complete a makeup assignment. Unexcused absences may not be made up. During the concert or competitions, students are expected to respect the facility in which we are performing as well as other performers and equipment during the concert.   


  1. Private Lessons  

Private lessons are highly recommended, if interested please let the director know for a list of instructors in the area.   




  1. Bus Procedures 


  • Students are to wait until all equipment or instruments have been loaded by the loading crew.  
  • Students are to remain seated when the bus is in motion. All parts of the body are to remain inside 

       the bus windows. Nothing under any circumstances is to be thrown outside the bus. Refrain from       

       loud talking/singing, screaming, songs with suggestive or vulgar lyrics, no profanity accepted. 

  • No food or drinks are to be allowed on the bus without director’s or chaperone’s consent 
  • Students are expected to follow bus regulations as established by the HCISD transportation office 
  • Students are expected to follow all HCISD school rules on all orchestra/overnight trips and adhere       

       to consequences.  

  • Electronic devices may be used with headphones ONLY and permission of the teacher. 





HHS and Cano Orchestra Assignment  


I ________________________________________________________ID #_____________________  

Will not be able to attend my Orchestra Concert on________________________ and I understand it is worth 2 test grades plus final exam. In order to make up my grade I will have to attend 2 music concerts at HCISD PAC, bring in the program signed by a music Director and write a 2 page ESSAY (hand written front and back). The ESSAY must explain; Difference of music styles, difference in instruments and how it differs from our Orchestra concert. This assignment is due                              . No late assignments accepted.    



Student signature  



Parent signature  



Orchestra Director Signature  







HHS/CANO Orchestra  

2020-2021 Calendar  

HS ALL-Region Auditions 

  • Entry Deadline: Friday, October 9th
  • Audition Upload Dates: begins October 10th at 10AM through October 14th until 11:59PM
  • Teacher Verification: October 15-16th
  • Judging Dates: October 17-18th

Middle School All-Region Auditions 

  • Entry Deadline: Friday, November 6th
  • Audition Upload Dates: begins November 7th at 10AM through November 11th until 11:59PM
  • Teacher Verification: November 12th – 13th
  • Judging Dates: November 14th – 15th




o posted on the TMEA website 

  • September 1 – All-State Recording Tracks Released
  • September 1 – Regions may reduce state region cuts and/or release region cuts
  • September 1 – Volunteer forms due to state chair. Online only
  • October 3 – First day that Virtual Region Auditions may begin
  • October 24 – HS All-State Track (Region Auditions must be completed)
  • October 24 – Area Certification Results due
  • October 31 – November4 – All-State (Orchestra & Mariachi) Virtual Recording Window
  • November 14&15 – All-State Recording (Orchestra and Mariachi) Virtual Judging
  • November 14&15 – All-State Orchestra/Mariachi Audition results posted for directors
  • November 17– All-State Orchestra Audition results posted on Website.
  • December 22– Deadline for submitting Dual Certification Selection
  • February 10 – 13, 2021— TMEA Clinic/ Convention in San Antonio